Ameerpeta Lo - Movie Review

Friday, December 16, 2016 - 12:15
Ameerpeta Lo (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Ameerpeta Lo
Cast: Sri, Ashwini, Siva Sai Praneeth, Esha, Tilak, Raju, Rajitha, Rithika and others
Music: Murali Leon
Cinematography: Kiran Gyara
Editor: Kranthi.K
Producer: Mahesh.M
Co-Producers: Vamsi Yamani, Praveen Yamani, Srikanth Divi
Banner: Padmasri Creations
Direction: Sri
Release date: Dec 16, 2016

'Ameerpet Lo' movie has been released today. Let's find to know whether it's worth watching or can be given a miss…

What's the Story?
Set in Ameerpet area, the film tells the story of four roommates, namely Vivek, Linga Babu (the self-styled Libu), Venkat Rao and Chitti, all of whom are failures for now.  Vivek looks good, wants to become a movie star and thinks that his standard is of Krishna Nagar, not Ameerpet.  Libu, the son of poor parents, forgets his responsibilities while he is pulled towards Soniya.  

As it happens in most formulaic movies, there comes a moment when Vivek becomes responsible (as a bonus, he also becomes socially-conscious) even as Libu discovers that he has to pay back his unsuspecting father.  In a world of low-thinking individuals, Vennela, who covertly loves Vivek, is different.  

What Works!
The characters are realistic and relatable. There are certain authentic elements. For example, references to how those who complete a course at some Ameerpet institute flood the market with fake CVs. The moral message is a healthy takeaway. The degeneration of Mamatha, the village girl who is corrupted, is like writing on the wall. 

What Doesn't Work!
The story line is nothing exciting. It's like a short film has been extended into a feature film. The actors try to do comedy, but they fail throughout. Below average dialogues play the spoilsport. The story doesn't progress after a while. There is no change in the equations between Soniya and Libu. The technical elements are a huge setback.  

Performance Score
Music is by Murali Leon. It doesn't create an impact because of the poor tunes and RR.  The visuals too are way too backward looking.  

Final Verdict
Although the setting is interesting, concept is good and the characters are relatable, but 'Ameerpet Lo' has too many clichéd points and weak narration. 

Reviewed by: 
Vishwanath V