Darshakudu - Movie Review

Friday, August 4, 2017 - 22:15
Darshakudu - 2017
Cast & Crew: 

Movie:  Darshakudu
Banner:  BTRN Creations and Sukumar Writings
Cast: Ashok, Isha, Poojitha, Noel, Sudarshan, Naveen and others
Music: Sai Karthik
Cinematography: Praveen Anumolu
Editor: Naveen Nooli
Producer: Vijay Kumar, Thomas Reddy, Ravichandra
Directed by: Hariprasad Jakka
Release date: Aug 04, 2017


Darshakudu', directed by debutante Jakka Hari Prasad, hits the screens.  Let's check what works and what doesn't work...


As was publicized, the film tells the love story of a filmmaker and a costume designer.  The film lives up to the description.  

Mahesh (debutant Ashok) approaches a producer with a strong story, but the producer feels that the love element is not romantic enough.  Mahesh realizes that he must first try love before he can pen an exciting track.  

Without much planning, he happens to meet Namrata (Eesha Rebba) thrice in the span of a few hours.  "Such unnatural stuff happens in real life, too," he says.  

More cinematic incidents follow.  An eve-teasing scene later, he expects Namrata to start liking him.  When that doesn't happen, he wonders if something is amiss in the (unplanned) screenplay.  

The maverick in this love story is none other than Mahesh himself.  He gives the impression that he is there as a director who wants to hone his story telling skills.  "What the hell?" you may say.  That's exactly how Eesha feels.  

The rest of the film is about how a 'love-hate-love story' (yes, we borrowed it from 'Fidaa') unfolds. 

What works:

Jakka Hari Prasad is not just a fresher, but also he never worked under any director.  He executes certain scenes well in the beginning.

'Darshakudu' doesn't pander to any formula.  It dares to stick to the actual story.

There is no separate comedy track, there is hardly a forced item song.  Consciously, the film takes a dig at both of these.  "Second half lo Brahmanandam entry" is scoffed at, while Mahesh refuses to can an item song against his producer's wishes.

The dialogues are mature and measured.  Don't expect epic lines, though. Sai Karthik's music is impressive.  His BGM complements debutant Praveen's nice visuals.  

What doesn't work:

Namrata seems to be too light about Mahesh's ways.  He just needs to make her think he is doing more and more of the same drama.  She will cling to him any ways.  

He can plant a kiss on her in front of scores of people.  Yet the dynamics of the relationship hardly get affected.  When your director kisses you as a demonstration and that too without your consent, it means you are being used as an object.  But hey, Ashok is someone whom every woman would want to love, as per our heroine.  

She may actually be a robot.  In fact, all glory is reserved for Mahesh.  He is projected as some sort of a rare gem when he actually doesn't possess the right EQ.  That brings us to the next point.  

The biggest flaw pertains to the anti-climax.  If he doesn't believe that Namrata is a kid, Mahesh could have solved the problem straight away when he is given an ultimatum by his producer (we won't reveal what it is as it would be a spoiler).  That doesn't happen.

Even at 132 minutes, the film seems to slacken in the second half.  


Ashok (who is the son of Sukumar's brother) is not your regular hero. To that extent, Ashok passes muster. Eesha Rebba is a good talent and one wants to see in her key roles like these. She has done best job.  Others like comedian Sudarshan fit the bill.


'Darshakudu' has interesting concept.  The execution is neat with good first half but the pace falters in the second half. Appeals to people who appreciate different concepts. 

Reviewed by: 
Vishwanath V