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Friday, November 10, 2017 - 12:30
Detective - 2017
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Detective
Cast: Vishal, Prasanna, Anu Emmanuel, Bhagyaraj, Vinay, Andrea Jeremiah, Anu Emmanuel, Simran, John Vijay, Master Nishesh and others
Music: Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Karthik Venkatraman
Edited by: N Arun Kumar
Produced by: Vishal
Written and directed by: Mysskin
Release date: Nov 10, 2017
CBFC Rating: UA

What's it about!
A man and his son is killed by lightning strike. Then we are introduced to a private detective Advaith Bhushan (Vishal) who is bored of not getting interesting case. As he is desperate to get a case, a small kid approaches him seeking his help in finding his missing dog. He takes up the case and starts investigating with his aide and friend Mano (Prasanna) this leads him to an interesting turning point in another case – the death of father and son in the opening scene. As he is digging up the case, the gang that sets up murders as “accidents” feel threatened. The gang headed by a guy called Devil (Vinay) now plots to stop the detective. Will they stop the detective? What actually the gang’s motive?

Vishal starrer ‘Detective’ is Telugu dubbed version of Mysskin directed ‘Thupparivaalan’ that was released recently in Tamil and won appreciation from the critics. One can easily spot why the film won glowing reviews as the film is different from thrillers and the director has presented it in the fashion of Sherlock Holmes-series. Seeing Vishal playing the role of a detective designed on the lines of Sherlock Holmes itself makes pleasant watch.

Before talking further about the movie, let’s make it clear that the film has too many influences of foreign movies on the story or scenes or characters. The director Mysskin who is considered as one of the best directors working today in Tamil has acknowledged the works of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in title cards but the film’s basic plotline is “inspired” by Hong Kong movie “Accident” (2014). In the Hong Kong movie, an assassin whose job is orchestrating murders as accidents suspects that one accident that happens to his team member is not at all accident.
Similarly, here the director Mysskin tells the same plot about a gang that takes supari from rich people to orchestrate deaths that look like accidents by creating artificial lightning strike, setting up laughing gas in cars, etc. However, the difference is here the protagonist a detective, is designed on the lines of Holmes and he also has a Dr. Watson (here he is called Mano played by Prasanna).
If you excuse this “inspirations”, the film definitely makes an engaging watch. A mass-hero like Vishal playing this role itself is alluring. And the director succeeds in creating tension in scenes. With stylized narration, he makes us involved and keeps us guessing how the hero would solve the case and what new tricks the gang would employ. The drive is interesting till the end.
As the director weaved the story in stylistic manner with different camera angles and framing, it also makes it visually catchy. But the final climax sequence (long drawn fight sequence in a mangrove forest) where hero revealing about the villain’s true identity should have been handled in more lucid manner. Have to say again that this climax fight in a mangrove forest also seems inspired by the pre-final sequences of a Spanish crime detective movie called ‘Marshland’ (2014).
Inspire of all these inspirations, Mysskin left his own stamp. His ‘Detective’ definitely thrills you for the most part.
As far as the performances, Vishal has wonderfully played the role of detective. He is totally different from his usual style. Prasanna as his friend is very good. Among other cast members, Bhagyaraj, Vinay and Andrea gets noticed but their characters and their motives are too sketchy.
Technically, the film is top-rated with excellent cinematography and top-rated BG score. Director Mysskin who has made a terrific movie ‘Pisachi’ earlier has shown his trademark style but this one is mix of commercial moviemaking and his off-beat making.
Bottom-line: Vishal starrer ‘Detective’ is engaging detective thriller in the style of Sherlock Holmes. It has some thrilling episodes. The film is different from the regular thrillers. However, the director has taken main premise from a Hong Kong movie.

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