Sammohanam - Movie Review

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 13:00
Sammohanam (2018)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Sammohanam
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari, Naresh, Tanikella Bharani, Pavithra Lokesh, Rahul Ramakrishna, Harshini, Nandu, Kadambari Kiran, Kedar Shankar, Sisir Sharma
Music: Vivek Sagar
Cinematography: P.G. Vinda
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Production designer: S Ravinder
Banner: Sridevi Movies
Produced by: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Written and directed by: Indraganti Mohanakrishna
Release date: June 15, 2018
Running time: 124 minutes
CBFC Rating: U

What’s it about!

Vijay (Sudheer Babu), a cartoonist by profession despises the movie world and actors. Sameera (Aditi Rao) is the most beautiful and popular actress. Vijay’s life changes when Sameera runs into his world unexpectedly. Sameera who is acting in a movie titled ‘Kummesta’ lands in his house when the production house hires his home for 20 days for crucial shoot. The collision of two different persons and the changing equations between their relationship over a period of time form the crux of the drama.
Can a movie star fall in love with a commoner? Unlikely but there is possibility. Romance between a film star and her former buddy were depicted in films like K Vishwanath's classic 'Seetamalakshmi' (1978) and Ram Gopal Varma's endearing hit 'Rangeela' (1995). But a story of a most beautiful movie actress falling for just an ordinary guy has not been explored yet in Telugu cinema. Indraganti Mohanakrishna has dealt the story in his latest romantic drama 'Sammohanam' (means Enchanting). 
Though the movie's logline makes us believe that it is inspired by Roger Michell's Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts starrer ‘Notting Hill’ (1999), both the movies are divergently different.
Director Indraganti introduces the character of Vijay and his world without much fuss. Then heroine comes into his house. The first half deals with the dynamics of movie shoot, the budding romance between the lead pair and family moments. Many enjoyable sequences happen in the first half.
The character of Naresh, Sudheer Babu’s father, has added lot of fun in the first half. Sudheer Babu expressing his love towards Aditi is another cute romantic sequence. The first half is beautiful, fun filled and ends on right note. Post-interval, drama thickens, misunderstandings happen and the proceedings tread in expected manner. It is no match to the first half, nevertheless the screamingly funny episode involving Naresh, Rahul Ramakrishna and Sudheer Babu, and the climax is enjoyable.
The subtle satires on current movie trends like excessive violence in our films, producer’s sons being forced upon as stars, etc are entertaining. Director Indraganti also touches the recent casting couch issue in a sequence. The scene of Sudheer’s mother Pavitra Lokesh telling him that it is okay to get rejected and real men are those who take failures in stride is another beautiful scene. 
Ending the movie with ‘Taralu Digivacchina Vela’ linking both the professions of the lead pair is the creative idea from Indraganti.
The characterizations of Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao is so matured. However, the routine scenes in the second half and snail pace are like little stones in a good meal. The backstory of Aditi and her boyfriend is too clichéd.
Sudheer Babu has given matured performance in the character of Vijay. This ranks his best performance in his career. He excels in the sequences of talking to Aditi in a Live studio chat and also the later confrontation scene with her. The film should help him to grow further as an actor. Aditi Rao is a true movie star – beautiful and enchanting. Her dubbing is natural. A perfect casting for the role of Sameera. She showed range of emotions in a role that required her to be starry, show immensity, and also exhibit vulnerability. She steals the show.
Naresh is hilarious in his role. Rahul Ramakrishna of ‘Arjun Reddy’ fame is impressive here. Tanikella and Pavitra Lokesh are good. Other character actors have played the roles neatly.
The film has beautiful visuals and terrific soundtrack. P G Vinda has given his best output here. His work is commendable in many places. The rich frames have added heftiness to the production values aided by the perfect production design by S Ravinder. The songs are beautiful. Vivek Sagar of ‘Pelli Choopulu’ has given classy tunes. His background score in emotional scenes is a huge asset to the movie. Personally, I liked the song, ‘Cheli Taara’.
Director Indraganti is in good form of late. He has been experimenting on subjects and he has proven again with this film as writer-director. The matured writing and assured direction has made the film a fun watch.
Bottom-line: ‘Sammohanam’, a love story between a commoner and a movie star, is told with some beautiful moments. The lead pair’s chemistry and fun sequences have made the film a decent romantic entertainer. Music and photography are huge asset to this slow-paced romantic drama. Watch this neat love story.

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J Gudelli