Singam 3 - Movie Review

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 13:15
Singam 3 (2017)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Singam 3
Cast: Suriya, Anushka, Shruti Haasan, Radhika, Thakur Anoop Singh, Soori, Robo Shankar, Neetu Chandra and others
Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti 
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Priyan
Editing: V. T. Vijayan, T. S. Jay
Action: Kanal Kannan
Producers: Malkapuram Siva Kumar and K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Story, screenplay, and directed by: Hari
Release date: February 09, 2017
Running time: 156 minutes
CBFC Rating: U


When a Police Commissioner of Mangalore city is killed, the much-respected Andhra Cadre DCP Narasinham (Suriya) is called in. He comes to this Port city and takes up the case. Here he meets a girl Vidya (Shruti) who is impressed with his honest cop image. She teases him and expreseses her love to him. But he doesn't reciprocate. His wife (Anushka) also lives in Mangalore but for outside world they pose as divorced couple for safety. DCP Narasimham soon realises the nexus between local mafia man (Sharat Saxena) and Vittal Prasad (Thakur Anup Singh), the Australian businessman who is dumping e-waste and medical waste in India. What these both have got to do with the killing of DCP, and how he takles with them is the remaining story.

Hari directed Suriya starrer 'Yamudu' (Singam) was riveting masala action drama. It was sucessfully remade in Hindi too. The sequel was released with the title 'Singam' in Telugu was also an okay entertainer. Racy screenplay and stunning action are the strength of these movies. But the director seems to have run out of ideas for the third installment though he has used same tropes and tricks of earlier two movies.

30 minutes into the movie, we come to know that the movie is just circling on same spot, not progressing further as the "plotline" is wafer thin. Why Narasimham is deputed to Mangalore is revealed before the titles have rolled, why Narasimham is not living with his wife is also revealed in the first ten minutes, who the villains are and what they are doing is also told in the 30 minutes. Still, the director runs the drama for another 120 minutes without any major conflict or twists.

The first half is filled with this setup and some outdated comedy track by Suri and laughable and repetitive track of Shruti-Suriya. In fact, what director has done is repeating the second part and first part scenes with less aplomb.

The feel of deja vu exhausts. Predictablilty of the narrative is another drawback. Despite that, the action stunts and Suriya's performance impresses. The action episodes are shot well, the Mangalore/Vizag is captured beautifully. Suriya as usual has come up with superb performance in the role of Narasimham.

Suriya is the main asset to this series and he single-handledly drives the movie with roaring acting style. He holds the film his classyness in the role of agressive cop.

None of the actors any impact though it has large cast. Thakur Anoop Singh in his debut role as villain is okay but he is too weak for Suriya. Anushka has no role in the movie other than appearing in one song or two scenes. Shruti Haasan's role is xerox copy of Hansika in the second part. Suri's comedy track is yuck.

Cinematography, action stunts are first rate. Apart from Suriya, these two technicians in the movie get brownie points. As writer and director, Hari has failed to tell or add anything new in this series.

Bottom-line: 'Singam 3' is by and large is exact copy of 'Singam 2'. Other than Suriya's performance, everything gives the feel of deja vu. It may work well for mass audiences, though.

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