Vaisakham - Movie Review

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 12:30
Vaisakham (2017)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Vaisakham
Cast: Harish, Avanthika and others
Producer: B A Raju
Written and directed by: B Jaya
Release date: July 22, 2017

'Vaisakham', directed by the successful woman director of Tollywood, B Jaya, hit the screens on July 21st.  Here is our review:


Venu (debutante Harish) is an unemployed, semi-violent and ill-mannered resident of an apartments building.  He lives an irresponsible life, and has even abandoned his semi-paralyzed mother (Eeswari Rao).

The apartments' residents include peculiar characters like '30 Years Industry' Prudhvi (who has lost most of his mother Rama Prabha's property on cricket betting).  

Bhanu (Avantika) runs a beauty parlour in the same building; her biggest enemy is Venu.  A lot of Tom n Jerry fights take place before love blossoms. 

But why is Venu the way he is?  Why is he not taking care of his sick mother?  Will he ever mend his ways?  What message does the film try to give through his character?  That is what the climax is about.


B Jaya ensures that the message of the film is sensible.  'Manalni theesukelle Devudi kanna, mosukelle manushulu mukhyam', which essentially implies that those who take us to the graveyard are more important than the God who ends our life.

The songs, mostly shot in picturesque locations of Kazaksthan under extreme weather conditions, are good enough.  DJ Vasant's music is playful.  

Avantika, who is both a victim of the hero's pranks as well as a prankster herself, is convincing.  'Vaisakham' is a cliched entertainer that tries to capitalize on the comic style of a bygone era.  If the comedy track (involving the hero and his 'thotti gang' and Prudhvi and his sidekick) is off the mark, Harish's character is one dimensional for most part. Sai Kumar is seen in an effective cameo. His role is crucial in delivering the film's message.  

Bottom-line: B Jaya directed 'Vaisakham' is a message-oriented love story. Music and visuals are plus.