Shruti: Films can't be judged before release

Friday, October 14, 2016 - 09:00

Shruti Haasan, never the one to feel pressure, she being Kamal's daughter, says that she liked the character for a specific reason.  Catch her talk about 'Premam', teaming up with Pawan Kalyan and more.

Playing the character, did you feel pressurized about comparisons?  Also, does Sitara really forget Vikram?

Sitara is graceful and soft.  She is not like me, a reason why I liked the character.  When compared to Malar (Sai Pallavi's character in the original), Sitara is a little more dominant in her body language and attitude.  Jayati Bose, my stylist, came up with the elegance.  Cinematographer Karthik, too, captured the color palette right.  I am above undergoing pressure.  You must have noticed that my second name is Haasan.  As for whether Sitara really forgot Vikram in the first place, it's left to the interpretation of the audience.  

There is a scene where you like a Marathi sweet.  Personally, which is your favourite sweet.

I personally like jalebis and ice creams a lot.

It's a hit with the young Akkineni.  How was it working with him, and did the comparisons frighten you?

I am happy for Chaitanya, who has delivered a fantastic performance.  He has been one of my dear friends and so, the whole shooting experience was like a picnic, thanks also to a motivating team.  

Just as one can't tell how a baby looks like until it's born, so also a film can't be judged beforehand.  Much as I kept in mind the original (whenever I do a remake, I do watch and remember the original), the comparisons didn't weigh me down.  'Premam' has a range of emotions, except for action.  

As an actress, what factors do you prioritize while choosing a role?

I should first be able to connect with the idea.  It's not as an actress or as Shruti that I should love it, but as an audience.  I ask myself, 'Do I want to know the story?' 

Your plate is full of offers.  

As an actor, I would want to work hard till I exhaust for the day.  The perfect day for me is when I am totally exhausted before going to bed.  My plate is full as an actor - in different languages. I have films lined up in both Telugu and Hindi.  I will be making them official soon.
You are on board, filming with Power Star after four years.  What is in store in 'Katamarayudu', which is a remake?

I feel very honoured to be working with Pawan Kalyan yet another time.  It was after 'Gabbar Singh' (2012) that turned around things for me.  It's too early to speak about my role.  Suffice it to say that I am playing a very likeable character.   I am a Remake Rani. Even in Hindi, I got to do some remakes. 

Many years after 'Hey Ram', you are working with Kamal Haasan in 'Sabaash Naidu'.  How is it progressing?

I was jittery at the outset.  I am playing a bold and modern-minded woman. Dad's role is more physical.

There recently were rumors about you falling out with Gautami on the sets of 'Sabaash Naidu'.  Weren't you tempted to comment on such gossips at least on Twitter?

I wouldn't like to react on what's written about me unless my words have been distorted.  I deal with gossips by ignoring them.

'Unblushed | Be The Bitch', the latest album, makes a strong statement.  What made you do that?

I feel very strongly about women's issues.  I have expressed my thoughts in writing.

- By Venugopal