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ఉన్న‌మాట చెప్పిన తాప్సీ

నాకంత సీన్‌లేదు అని నిజాయితీగా ఒప్పుకొంది తాప్సీ. బ‌డాయికి పోకుండా నిజం అంగీక‌రించినందుకు తాప్సీని అప్రిషియేట్ చేయ‌క త‌ప్ప‌దు. ఇంత‌కీ ఆమె అన్న‌మాట ఏంటంటే... తాను బాలీవుడ్‌లో ఏ లిస్ట్ స్టార్‌ని కాను. ఇంకా ఆ రేంజ్‌కి ఎద‌గ‌లేదు అని చెప్పింది.  ఏ లిస్ట్ స్టార్ అంటే టాప్ భామ‌ల్లో టాప్ అన్న‌మాట‌. దీపిక ప‌దుకొనే, ఆలియ భ‌ట్‌, కంగ‌న‌, ప్రియాంక చోప్రా..వంటి భామ‌లు ఈ లిస్ట్‌లో ఉంటారు.

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Love me or hate me, I'm here to stay: Tapsee

'Anando Brahma', which hits the screens on August 18, has a lot of buzz around its concept of humans scaring ghosts.  Taapsee Pannu in this interview talks about what drew her to the movie, working with director Mahi, life after 'Pink' and 'Naam Shabnam', and more.

Didn't you feel it routine to do another horror film after 'Ganga'?

'Anando Brahma' is not a horror, but a horror-comedy.  It's more fun than being a horror.  Horror and comedy, in my opinion, are two of the most entertaining genres you can have.  

Anando Brahma - Movie Review

'Anando Brahma' director's note

It took me three years to come back and tell you a story. But trust me; I have been narrating this tale to myself, every single day, for the last three years. There’s no greater joy than waking up to the uncertainty of starting with a blank page, a pencil and a cup of coffee, with my head phones on and getting lost, trying to find a story that wants to find a voice too. 

‘Paathshala’ shook me to the core, it did take me down for 5 days but by the sixth day, I was back to writing another story, hoping I would get another opportunity to narrate it. 

Anando Brahma - Theatrical Trailer


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