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Prabhas's mom praises Pooja Kumar

Garuda Vega surpasses RGG-2, VOZ in 6 days

'Garuda Vega' is imaginative: Praveen Sattaru

Praveen Sattaru, who has made 'Garuda Vega' after writing a bound script, says that content decides a film's market, not its hero or the budget.  In this interview, he talks about his film, why the NIA backdrop came in handy for penning imaginative scenes, and more.  

Rajasekhar has said that he had always wanted to do a 'Bourne Identity' and a 'Die Hard' and that 'Garuda Vega' felt like doing one.  What is your take?

Garuda Vega will change my life: Rajasekhar

'Garuda Vega', the fast-paced action thriller that has been made at a cost of about Rs. 30 Cr, will arrive on Nov 3.  In this interview, its seasoned hero, Rajasekhar, talks about his role in the movie, why 'GV' is an action film with a difference, why director Praveen Sattaru belongs to a league of his own, why he has been going through mental agony for the past few days, and more.  

Hollywood elements, Indian sensibilities:

PSV Garuda Vega trailer: Classy and impressive!

PSV Garuda Vega - Teaser

Rajsekhar's Garuda visuals coming out this week!

Pooja Kumar looks red hot in a bikini

Is Garuda Vega's heroine a Tamilian?

Pooja Kumar gets right role in Garuda Vega


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