PSV Garuda Vega

'Garuda Vega' Teaser unveiled to rousing reception

The teaser of 'Garuda Vega' was released in the presence of the film's main cast and crew members, at Prasad Labs, on Friday. Jeevitha Rajasekhar, who has traveled with the project right since it her husband got on board, introduced all the film's team to the media.

Varadarajan, Rajasekhar's father, said, "They used to say that I look like an ideal DCP. After my son made it as a hero, they started calling me 'Rajsekhar's father'. I am proud of him."

Rajsekhar's Garuda visuals coming out this week!

PSV Garuda Vega: Introducing team NIA

Shraddha as journo Malini in 'PSV Garuda Vega'

Praveen Sattaru-directed 'PSV Garuda Vega' stars Dr. Rajsekhar as an NIA officer. The high-budgeted movie throws up a range of interesting characters, mainly the menacing villain George (Kishore of 'Kabali' fame) and the not-so-regular housewife of the main lead, Pooja Kumar (of 'Vishwaroopam' fame). Shraddha Das, who played a hilarious lady gangster in 'Guntur Talkies', will be seen in a contrasting role in this entertainer.

Is Garuda Vega's heroine a Tamilian?

Pooja Kumar gets right role in Garuda Vega


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