Tamannah: Abhinetri is not heroine-oriented movie

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 14:15

She has been hailed to skies for her mindblowing dancing skills ever since the release of a teaser of 'Abhinetri'. Tamannah Bhatia, however, is nonchalant. In this interview, she answers about a range of questions, including about her marriage.

What is your character in the movie? Are you playing dual roles?

I am playing a village woman's role in 'Abhinetri'. Her husband always wanted to marry a modern woman. I am playing a character with two different shades. The backdrop is that of cinema. It's not just about comedy or horror. There is an emotional undercurrent throughout. The husband-wife relationship comes with emotional content.

Wasn't it taxing to do it in three different languages?

It was physically way too exhausting to do the film in three languages. It was like doing three films at a time. We completed the shoot in less than 60 days. I have decided not to do a tri-lingual ever again.

Was it intimidating to do a dancing diva's role opposite someone like Prabhu Deva?

He being such a superb dancing talent, I was tensed to shoot for a song and couldn't sleep properly the previous night! Working with Prabhu Deva was a great experience. Despite being such a star, he is very humble and down-to-earth.

You are a front line actress. Didn't you feel it was risky to do a horror movie?

I was offered several horror films before this one. The reason I didn't do them is because they didn't have anything new. It was the same old stuff. On the other hand, just 10 minutes into the narration, I knew I was doing 'Abhinetri'. Such is the way AL Vijay sir impresses you with his narration. Prabhu Deva has said it's heroine-oriented and I am saying it otherwise. You have to watch it and decide it for yourself.

What made you accept it so quickly?

I usually go by my instinct. I wouldn't know with certainty whether a film will be a hit or a flop when I listen to the script. There are cases where I thought it will work while doing it, but it turned out to be otherwise. Films are a calculated gamble and one has no option but to go by instinct.

How do you balance quantity and quality?

I am off late getting to balance quantity and quality. The gulf between the kind of films I want to do and the kind of films I am getting is coming down. I also feel that this is the phase when I should do female-oriented subjects.

Everybody is talking about your dance in 'Abhinetri'.

(Smiles). Not that I am a great dancer; many heroes dance much better. Because I am a heroine, there is lot of focus. In Bollywood, there are a lot of actresses who do item numbers. Down South, there are only a few of us who do item numbers - be it Shruti Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal or myself.

Speaking at the audio release function, director Kalyan Krishna said that you are a hero of 'Abhinetri'.

I think we shouldn't be sexist in the way we look at things.

You charge a bomb for item songs, we hear.

I have always charged that way. (Smiles).

Actresses of your age either have already got married or going to wed soon. When are you getting married?

You don't want me to act? Just because someone is getting married, how can you expect me to get married. It's illogical.

Are you telling us why Katappa killed 'Baahubali'? How is the movie progressing?

Nobody else was there while Rajamouli sir shot that. I think that scene was shot while the first part was being made. As for the progress, I am yet to shoot for some of my scenes. After 'Baahubali-The Beginning', I have got several interesting offers from Bollywood.