Tharun Bhascker will impress again: D Suresh Babu

Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 11:45

Senior producer D Suresh Babu is grappling with several issues pertaining to his sons Rana (health scare) and Abhiram (Sri Reddy revealed that Abhiram had affair with her). Amidst all this, he is releasing ‘Ee Nagariniki Yemaindi’ that is directed by ‘Pelli Choopulu’ fame Tharun Bhascker As the film is set for release, he speaks to the media. Excerpts….

How are you dealing with your personal issues?

Things are a bit tough these days for us personally. As it is an internal matter, I would not like to discuss it out and deal it in my own manner and sort out things in a silent manner.

How satisfied are you about Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi?

I am a very hands-on producer and have been with the boys from the past year or so. Tarun had many ideas in his head and even narrated me some. I remember asking him which one did he liked and told him to make that project only. Since then, there has been no looking back and the project is ready for a release and I am very happy about it.

Why did you choose all newcomers for the lead roles?

It was Tharun Bhascker's idea actually. The moment ‘Pelli Choopulu’ was a rage, I offered him to write a story for Venky, Chaitanya, and Rana but Tarun bluntly rejected my offer and said that he is not yet ready to deal with stars. I liked that honesty in him and gave him whatever he needed for his second film. 

Tell us more about the film?

Our film is a simple funda project which is based on the life of four youngsters. Tharun has made it with full of life and it deals with what goes into the lives of today's youth and their ideologies. The basic emotions and plot are the same but the manner in which Tharun has executed it is what will stay with the youngsters forever.

How difficult was it working with such a young crew?

The young blood is always good to work with. I am the man from the older generation who has his brain filled with the stuff of a particular kind of filming. These guys have changed the way films are made now. We have shot the film on sync sound and I clearly remember going on sets and watching these kids working closely. Their passion and dedication towards the art blew me away. They are well prepared and do not waste time to make things work.

Do you think the quality of a film is more important than the narration?

Completely. I still remember the days what A R Rahman told me during the days when he composed music for Super Police. He used to stress the point about quality and made a song for over ten days. I used to get pissed but now seeing his music and reach, I understand what quality he spoke about. Be it one crore or 100 crore film, if there is no quality in filmmaking, things will not look good.

What would you like to give back to the industry?

The industry is growing and films are being made on a great scale these days. Many ask me to give tips about distribution and various other production techniques. In Hollywood, everything has a process and everyone follows it clearly. From my end, I want to make that process work in Telugu as well. There should be clear instructions as to how the film needs to written, visualized, made and promoted. If everyone follows a certain set of rules, filmmaking will be a piece of cake in the future.

What next from Suresh Productions?

I have my mind clearly set in terms of production. My banner will cater to different sections in the industry. One will give chances to these young filmmakers who will bring new age cinema to the public. The other will be our usual big hero projects which we keep making time and again.