Tollywood is changing for better: Anasuya

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 16:15

The Jabardast girl Anasuya has given jabardast performance in Rangasthalam. Anasuya has arrived as an actress, is what her husband said after he saw her in the film. The actress is extremely pleased with this and tells us about why she chose to do this role. She elaborates about her roles and why she does not repeat them...

First reaction after hearing the role

It was a big opportunity for me and I had two things running in mind when I first heard the role. I felt that Rangamatta would either be appreciated hugely or would be slammed for me doing a de-glamorized role. But now that the film was released, the number of people who have liked my role is quite high and I am quite elated about it.

Getting into the skin of the role

I had absolutely no idea of the village atmosphere as I am from Hyderabad. But, the moment I landed in the beautiful locales of Rajamundry, things fell into place automatically. Even in Hyderabad, the entire gang in the set was calling me Rangamatta through the shoot of the film. This automatically made me get into the skin of the character and moreover, I followed Sukumar's instructions blindly.

Getting called Atta was the most difficult part

I was very curious as to why they selected me when they were so many actors who could pull off the role. This was the time I felt that the director saw promise in me and that is why he cast me and I should live up to all the expectations. My heart broke when they said that Ram Charan would call me Atta. For days, I tried to convince Sukumar to remove the Atta tag and just call me Rangamma. But Sukumar did not listen to me and went on with the filming. Only, during the dubbing, I found out how important my character was.

That was the best compliment for the film

Once the screening was done, I was driving back with my husband and he did not speak a word through most of our journey. I got very curious and asked him what he thought of me in the film. Looking at me, he said, "You have arrived as an actress now". This was the best compliment for me as an actor. My husband has always been supportive of me and encouraged me throughout my ten-year-old journey in this showbiz.

I will never repeat my characters

The moment I decided to be an actor, I always felt that roles should be written for me. Post Kshanam, so many cop roles were offered but I never accepted them. I don't want to repeat my character as I will never do a Kshanam or Rangammatta ever again in my career. I believe in creating a trend with my roles and have been taking very careful steps for the same. Being a mother of two, I want to do every role possible.

Perception towards me has changed with Rangasthalam

Everyone knows me as a glamorous diva. Some people like me a lot but there are many who are quite unhappy with me being a married actress and showcasing my glamor. Now, with Rangamatta's success, things have changed for good as they have started to think that the bubbly host on TV is all fun and the one on the screen means business in her roles.

Things are changing for married actresses now

The day I decided to become an actress, I was already married and by the time I did my first film with Nagarjuna, I had two kids. Lavanya Tripathi, who was quite younger to me played the heroine. For me, cinema is just one aspect and we all are artists. Thankfully, Samantha has changed the trend and has done the female lead even after getting married. Slowly, Tollywood is changing and hopefully, I too will get both lead and character-driven roles in the future.