Vijay: I do not like social media

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 08:45

Vijay Devarakonda rose to stardom when 'Pelli Choopulu' became a run-away hit last year. Come March 3, the promising talent could just score another hit. In this interview, he talks about the premise of 'Dwaraka', what his plan was when he made a short film, his forthcoming movies, so on and so forth.

Backdrop and the character:

The whole story takes place in the backdrop of an apartment named Dwaraka. I am Erra Seenu, who fakes to be a Baba, called by his devotees as Krishnananda Swamy. The story takes place from his point of view. There are characters who believe he is a true baba, but others know that he is not. When an incident happens in Erra Seenu's life, a series of events unfold. He is an orphan who does thievery for survival.

Many shades in Dwaraka:

Just as in the mythological Dwaraka of Lord Krishna, there are all kinds of characters who betray jealousy, hatred, lust for money or show love, etc. My director likes Krishna's political intelligence, naughtiness, etc. It's an interesting screenplay.

The same film can be made into a dark drama. Although it's light on the surface, beneath it is taking place a serious story. For example, even Prudhvi's dialogues convey universal truths in a funny way. His track will surely be remembered.

No references used:

I haven't taken any references. I just followed my director's instructions. I did watch a few YouTube videos, but 'vallu maree athi unnaru' (they are too much). Our fake baba is simple, in contrast.

Remuneration raised:

I never imagined that 'Pelli Choopulu' would become so huge. I thought that it will earn Rs. 50 lacs or thereabouts over and about the budget of Rs. 1 Cr. I have raised the remuneration since. I am hovering around Rs. 1 cr.

Unanswered questions:

I believe in God. There are many unanswered questions in my life. When I find the answers, maybe I won't need to believe any more.

I love sports:

I am not missing my personal life due to the fame, but because of the shoots. It's only when I am playing volley ball with my school friends for 5-6 hours a week that I am not into cinema world, as they are the only ones who don't talk cinema with me. Even at home, I discuss movies with mummy, daddy and brother. When there are enough number of friends, we play cricket. I love playing sports.

That was the plan:

When I was 22, I gave myself three years' time by which I should break into acting. I had a back-up option in case that didn't happen. I see many aspiring actors who end up hunting for roles even after reaching 30. After 25, I made a short film to test my abilities. That's when 'Yevade Subrahmanyam' happened.

I do have a full script ready. If I direct, the male lead will be someone else. Since I was a hostelite as a student, I have an idea based on hostel life involving four friends. There are also other ideas, for example, related to human relationships.

I don't like social media:

I have a Facebook page, but I am not there on Twitter. I don't like the social media space. There are too many opinions floating around. Those who interact with you would expect you to give your time. I can't answer them all.

Insult for all men:

It's an insult for all men to be labelled Himesh Reshammiya just because they are seen kissing. 'Meeru ala anali ani fix ainattu unnaru'. The kissing scene in 'Arjun Reddy' is not meant to seem sexual. It conveys pure love. We wanted to introduce the audience to that before the movie releases to drive home this point.

Forthcoming movies:

Besides two films with Geetha Arts, I have 4-5 other movies. I am shooting for a movie directed by Rahul Sankrytan. Priyanka, a newcomer, is the heroine. A film in Parusuram's direction will go to sets some time next month. Nandini Reddy's movie will follow next. All the films I have signed up are original. I will consider doing a remake when an offer comes my way.